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Highlights for Children (And Teens)

Way gear: Ward has just started a new Flickr group called The Retro Teen, intended to showcase cool old illustrations made for the audience who grew too old for the stuff shown in the Retro Kid group. There’s also the Eye Candy from the trippy hippy ’60s and ’70s group, for those who prefer kiddie ephemera of the quasi-psychedelic sort. I just added some scans from the Electric Company cast album there; check it out.

3 Thoughts on “Highlights for Children (And Teens)

  1. Where does Ward find the time to start all these Flickr groups? In addition to what you’ve got listed up there, he also has the mid-century illustration group, and he just joined the Polynesian Pop group that I belong to.

  2. Another one? Thanks for the Polynesian Pop tip. I’ve got some nice album covers that ought to go there.

  3. Thanks for the mention, Matt! And actually, I’ve only started up two groups: The Retro Kid and Teen, but I love them both equally. The Mid-Century Illustrated was started up by Julia (ticky tacky), who has quite a bit of groups that she’s started. It scares me how much she and I share in terms of interests and collection.

    And Mr. BaliHai, it’s been a great pleasure to meet you (via computer, of course)! I’ve been digging your Eye of the Goof site recently.

    Thanks again, guys!

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