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Parking Lot Nostalgia?

Group weblog Re-Imagineering neatly examines certain extinct things about Disneyland in a series of posts called Elemental Losses. Air focuses on the Skyway, removed in 1994 supposedly because of potential lawsuits from people “falling” out of the ride. Earth is on the parking lot (Disney’s California Adventure took over the acreage in 2001), or rather how the lack of an immediate “real world” exterior affects guests entering Disneyland. Finally, Fire laments the removal of the burning settler’s cabin and its non-P.C. story involving indians on a rampage. I’m looking forward to whatever they have in store for Water.

2 Thoughts on “Parking Lot Nostalgia?

  1. Tim Halbur on August 7, 2006 at 7:29 am said:

    Have you read the comments? I (and a few others) tear the parking lot nostalgia to threads. I wrote the first post, under my pseudonym, Bruno B. I encouraged them to start proposing some cool new solutions rather than dwelling in the past so much.

  2. You wrote that? Nice! I always make sure to read the comments; they make some good points.

    I interpreted that the main thrust of that Earth entry wasn’t necessarily “bring back the parking lot”, more about how having DCA butted up against Disneyland’s entrance changed the exterior ambiance of the park. That’s something I definitely noticed on the visit last year (after a 9 yr. absence).

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