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Monthly Archives: July 2006

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The Feel-Good Feud of the Summer

This Joel Siegel vs. Kevin Smith thing? Hilarious. Siegel’s always been a hack, and now he’s a rude hack. Smith’s a sloppy filmmaker and I don’t really get his appeal, but at least his response to the situation was refreshingly honest. Two thumbs up, dudes.

Gruesome Twosome: Looks 10, Musical Ability 3 Edition

Alyssa Milano: “One Last Dance”
CD: Do You See Me?, 1992

Audrey Landers: “Playa Blanca”
LP: Wo Der Südwind Weht, 1984 | BUY

Tell Lindsay and Paris the news: back in the ’80s and early ’90s, sexy celebs ventured overseas to sing so Americans wouldn’t have the, uh, pleasure of hearing them. Dallas siren Audrey Landers enjoyed a successful recording career in Germany, predating fellow thespian David Hasselhoff by a few years. “Playa Blanca” satisfied the uniquely German appetite for queasy, synthetic dance music with tropical beats. If the personnel involved sounded as if they had too many banana daiquiries, that’s okay. Later on, Alyssa Milano spent a time supplementing her Who’s the Boss? checks by being the Japanese Debbie Gibson. “One Last Dance” is a wimpy ballad that owes its melody to Natalie Cole’s “Miss You Like Crazy”, but Alyssa’s voice has a certain clunky appeal. Do You See Me?, unfortunately, marks her last singing effort to date. C’mon, Alyssa, we need you back in the recording studio!

I Want My Soothing Footage of Animals and Flowers

Every Sunday we like to watch CBS Sunday Morning, especially the “nature moment” at the end. Christopher always brings up how CBS ought to release an entire DVD of their greatest nature footage. Well, now that the network has launched a customized DVD service, his dream may come true. Although Sunday Morning counts among the news programs available, the current offerings are on the slim side. But maybe, perhaps it’ll happen! Can’t wait to experience those frolicking sea otters from c.2002 again.

U.S. Steel and Disney’s Modular Tomorrow

Sorry, I have another video find to post here. We just upgraded our DSL, so now the YouTube‘s not as choppy as before. They still need to up the quality on the clips, but I digress. Here’s a short promotional film U.S. Steel made in 1971 to brag about its new modular construction method for Walt Disney World’s swanky Contemporary Hotel. Dynamic narration, a happy caucasian family and groovy background music add to the time capsule element. Now I want to know: what happened to all those hospitals, schools and offices promised using this exciting new modular construction?

Hey Sister Soul Sister

I come bearing vintage performance clips of my favorite ’70s ladies, dig? Our first clip has The Three Degrees singing their singature hit, “When Will I See You Again” — in Japanese. Apparently the foxy trio starred in their own TV special over there (see YouTube for other clips). The number is surprisingly not the train wreck it coulda been; they acquainted themselves well with another language. All the while looking fabulous, of course.

Here’s lovely and vivacious Freda Payne performing on The Mike Douglas Show in 1975. Although “Yours To Have” didn’t set the world afire like “Band of Gold” did, Ms. Payne gives her all and appears elegant as ever. Note the way she casually tosses her microphone offstage at the end — classy!

Fawning Over Flora

Ward Jenkins has completed a nifty post on Jim Flora’s 1957 childrens book, The Day the Cow Sneezed, comparing Flora’s never-before-seen original mockups to the final printed pages.