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Like Burgess Meredith in The Twilight Zone

My friend Eric showed me Library Thing a few weeks ago, and now I’ve finally gotten around to trying it out. You can catalogue your book collection there and compare it with other users. Kind of nifty. I reached 200 titles before the site asked me to cough up money for a paying membership. Having just gone through a $1,500 car repair bill, I decided to pass for now — but those first 200 books (about three quarters of the total library) are entered are right there on my profile for the world to see. The latest acquisitions are the 2003 All-Music Guide To Country, purchased used at the library for $5, and a New York Times crossword puzzle book bought at Borders last weekend.

I noticed that three bloggers I read have libraries listed there: John of Robot Johnny, William of Robot Action Boy, and Bibi of Bibi’s Box. Anybody else got a library to share?

3 Thoughts on “Like Burgess Meredith in The Twilight Zone

  1. I keep forgetting to add items to it, but my library is here.

  2. Thanks, Chris. You like those 33-1/3 books, too!

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