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Now We Are Six

I didn’t notice when the anniversary passed by earlier this month, but I’ve been doing for six years now. Six years! The mind boggles.

I was going to say something here about how much I’ve grown over these last few years, but after looking through the Wayback Machine archives for this site, I’d have to say no. This weblog essentially hasn’t changed that much since 2000, except that individual posts have gotten longer, more thoughful, but also more sporadic. Anybody remember when I posted a bunch of stuff in a day, every day? Then I’d apologize if I missed a day? For a laugh, peruse the first month archive page. That month I posted about goofy old music, Photoshop abuse, stupid parents, and forgotten TV commercials containing Broadway-esque musical numbers. Same ‘ol me!

6 Thoughts on “Now We Are Six

  1. Six years?!? Good Lord! And still nobody doing it better. Congrats, Matt.

  2. Mass Bradley on July 25, 2006 at 8:09 pm said:

    What Vince said!!!!
    Yours was the second blog I ever encountered– Sarah and Evan over at
    House Of Fun ( my first ever blog, natch) mentioned you glowingly and I became instantly hooked.
    Been your fan ever since!

  3. Christopher on July 26, 2006 at 10:35 am said:

    July 27th was my birthday? Was I ever 41? Did I actually have a homepage on Whatever happened to

  4. Congrats! Hope you bought yourself something purty to celebrate. :)

    (…and I still love the old logo, btw)

  5. I found you via a search for Charles Harper. Now I dig Scrubbles on a (somwhat) daily basis! Thanks for keeping me from working, Matt!

    Happy 6 to you! (My daughter, Ava, just turned 6 yesterday. My how they’ve grown, huh?)

  6. hurrah for scrubbles and hurrah for matt! still lovin’ every post!

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