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Cereal Killers

On eBay for boo coo bucks: Walt Disney Studios’ 1939 Christmas card using characters from the soon to be released Pinocchio. Remember when Disney stood for class and quality entertainment? (sigh) On a similar note, watch the sprightly animated Rice Krispies cereal commercial below. It was produced by a competing studio that same year, 1939, but one can completely see the Disney influence. Those two kiddies are kind of weird looking, however — I can’t put my finger on why that’s so. (p.s. this was uploaded to YouTube by the proprietress of Bibi’s Box. p.p.s. thanks to Christopher for the eBay link.)

3 Thoughts on “Cereal Killers

  1. This Rice Krispies commercial was featured in Episode 6 of Channel Frederator. You can download it off of here.

  2. Thanks, Ward. I have that ReFrederator site bookmarked but haven’t visited there in awhile. It’s nifty and keen!

  3. Runty on July 28, 2006 at 2:54 am said:

    Hey, that freaky eye-shadow looked good last night, but in the cold light of morning he wishes this guy would either quit scowling and griping about the cereal, or just leave already.

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