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Hey Sister Soul Sister

I come bearing vintage performance clips of my favorite ’70s ladies, dig? Our first clip has The Three Degrees singing their singature hit, “When Will I See You Again” — in Japanese. Apparently the foxy trio starred in their own TV special over there (see YouTube for other clips). The number is surprisingly not the train wreck it coulda been; they acquainted themselves well with another language. All the while looking fabulous, of course.

Here’s lovely and vivacious Freda Payne performing on The Mike Douglas Show in 1975. Although “Yours To Have” didn’t set the world afire like “Band of Gold” did, Ms. Payne gives her all and appears elegant as ever. Note the way she casually tosses her microphone offstage at the end — classy!

3 Thoughts on “Hey Sister Soul Sister

  1. What a couple great clips encapsulating what was happening in black female music at the time! That incarnation of The Three Degrees were truly classy and had such a great vocal blend. The Supremes (you just knew I was gonna bring ’em up, dincha?!) did a TV special in Japan around 1974-75 that ABC-TV in the US had bought and was going to televise on like a “Wide World Of Entertainment” (my memory is fading at the moment), but…inexplicably scrapped their plans at the last minute. This Three Degrees show/special certainly speaks to how the Japanese loved their classic female soul-pop groups and treated them with reverence and class. Too bad the US didn’t (and doesn’t) always do the same. Thanks for sharing these, Matt! (PS – I loved how Freda tossed that mic at the end. Whatta great diva!)

  2. Thanks, Dan. I knew you’d like those. Did that Supremes special have anything to do with those Japanese live albums Motown did for them, The Temptations and The Jackson 5?

    Personally I’d like to see the ’70s Supremes perform “Floy Joy” in Japanese. That would be a hoot.

  3. more clips of The Three Degrees ?

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