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Love, Peace and Op Art Minis

I came across a couple of deliciously mod music performances from YouTube to share here. First off, how groovy are The 5th Dimenion doing “Paper Cup”? Bedazzled uploaded this video a few months back. Love the choreography and their vivid red, white and blue outfits. This Jimmy Webb tune peaked at #34 in late 1967.

Our second clip is cool, real cool — singing duo Jackie & Roy performing “The Word”. Jackie Cain and Roy Kral are special faves of mine, the epitomy of a certain kind of swanky jazzy hipster supper club ’60s vocalese. This particular number is atypical for them (pop/rock covers weren’t their usual bag), but they acquaint themselves with The Beatles pretty well. And I didn’t know that Roy played keyboards until seeing this clip! Check them out.

One Thought on “Love, Peace and Op Art Minis

  1. two exquisite selections there -thanks!

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