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Monthly Archives: May 2006

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We put our cat to sleep today. The vet and her assistant arrived at our home and gave the shot while Eames was napping on his favorite blanket on my bed. I can only hope that the experience wasn’t stressful for him, more like recessing into a deep sleep. I didn’t cry, although I came close when we swaddled his body in his favorite pillow case and buried him in the back yard, in a grassy area dotted with California poppies and bachelor’s buttons every Spring. He loved taking walks in the backyard (on a leash). I thought about the happiness he gave us, and how he used to take these hilarious high speed sprints across the house whenever we came home, slipping and sliding across the wood floors. Eames was a special, warm and easygoing cat and he’ll always occupy a cherished place in my and Christopher’s hearts. To anyone who has a pet cat or dog — give it a hug for me.

Kitty Eames c.1991-2006

We will be undergoing a bittersweet weekend, since we decided to euthanize our special cat this coming Monday. Christopher has the full story. I’ll miss you, Eames.

Stitch My A**

It must be a sign of the scatterbrained, random goings on here that I haven’t bothered to write about Julie Jackson’s Subversive Cross Stitch book until now. Chronincle Books has had it out for a month. This book serves as the dead tree companion to Julie’s web business, where one can order delightfully vulgar cross stitch pattern sets like the classic GO FUCK YOUR SELF. On paper, a completed version of that design (and many others not shown at the website) is pictured alongside a pattern showing how to make it yourself — I love books that are both lovely to look at and useful! An introduction demonstrates a basic tutorial on how to cross stitch, fitting both the advanced and novice crafter. I contributed four small illustrations to the “how to” section. The book also contains one of my SCS button designs, and Julie lists yours truly among the thank-yous in the back. Cool!

Chronicle also has a nifty notecard set and forthcoming 2007 wall calendar available. Congratulations, Julie!

Casa Cucaracha

Below, an artist’s hastily drawn rendition of a quiet night at home with myself and Christopher:


Yes, the roaches have us by the balls. Happens like clockwork every year when the weather starts heating up. They only appear one of two at a time, but still. No matter how many preventative measures we throw at ’em, our otherwise lovely home never fails to get a new batch of the critters each Spring. We spray, set traps, plug up any holes that they might be coming though (all the while observing how many cracks and holes an 80 year old house can have), but they keep coming back. One night last week. we were watching TV in our dark living room. I could feel a feather-light itch on my one bare foot placed on the floor. We turned the lights on, and sure enough a roach was hiding under the couch. A special sort of roach who dared to scurry over my foot — ewww!!

roach-2.jpgThe only halfway gratifying thing to come out of all this is that, year by year, we appear to be winning the cockroach battle. Christopher has perfected a roach catching technique that only involves one plastic sandwich bag and a lot of courage. He catches the roach with the bag around his hand, seals the bag and suffocates it to death. Nice. (artist’s rendition of a dying roach at right)

Beneath the Valley of the Ultravixens

Lileks posted this 1977 Frederick’s of Hollywood Catalog about a month ago, but I haven’t seen it ’til now. Nice illustrations of Charlies Angels-esque models wearing hideous jumpsuits and huge wigs. The outfits look not so much sewn but as if they were concocted in test tubes at Dow Chemical.