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Alternative Fuel, CTW-style

We interrupt this weblog for a funky flashback from Sesame Street (or was it The Electric Company?). Have a nice Memorial Day? We just ate a huge lunch of BBQ hot dogs and cherry pie. I’m porked.

3 Thoughts on “Alternative Fuel, CTW-style

  1. I absolutely, positively REMEMBER that! I knew what it was the minute I started the video playing. I turned to Dennis and said, “she’s gonna put an ‘r’ in there! I remember this!” Gotta love the funky music and her big ol’ ‘fro!

    This memory flashback has been brought to you by the letter ‘r’ and the number 5.

  2. That music’s almost TOO funky; I’d expect to hear something like that in some blaxploitation movie scene when the fuzz breaks in on the pimp’s secret drug lair.

  3. Oh that was great. Brings me right back to being a kid again in the seventies.

    10 11 12…
    and they all went down
    to the lady bug picnic…

    Thanks, that little video actually did make me laugh out loud!

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