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Does She Puke Pink, Too?

A.V. Club blogger Kyle Ryan singled out MTV’s My Super Sweet 16 as the most offensive show on television. I’ve managed to avoid that one, but now I’d like to see episode with the Scottsdale girl who dyed her pet poodles pink for a pink-themed party and got two brand new cars for her birthday. Her dad is a local auto dealer ’round these parts, and apparently the show has touched off a controversy after it was found that Daddy and his fellow super-rich Scottsdale auto dealers finangled a deal to promote their businesses using city taxpayer money. Read about it here and here.

Over on another channel, more details on Turner Classic Movies’ efforts at acquiring a more youthful audience (via TV Squad). I’m looking forward to Rob Zombie introducing cult horror films, and the one with young actors interviewing their older peers looks promising — if it’s done the right way. The other show they’re producing, Take Two, deserves to die a quick death. From the article: “This unique concept will give a young star the opportunity to act out (or completely re-imagine) an iconic scene from a classic Hollywood movie. The pilot for the series will feature Wilmer Valderrama re-creating a scene from The Lost Weekend.” Blecch!

One Thought on “Does She Puke Pink, Too?

  1. Mind-numbing, materialistic-to-the-max and stupidly-pathetic are a few phrases that come to mind when I think of MTV these days.

    Considering MTV was somewhat of a “groundbreaker” when it started (at least for a couple of semi-refreshing years) it’s scary to see what it’s become.

    The programs they broadcast these days make “Green Acres” look like “Masterpiece Theater”

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