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Housecleaning 2

Heads up — I’m selling off the remainder of my Russel Wright American Modern dinnerware in the ongoing Buy My Crap at eBay campaign. Recently I’ve pruned down my collection to just the white and grey pieces, along with a few token pieces in the rare glacier blue and common chartreuse colors. This setup looks really nice and chic, like something out of Dwell magazine; I’ll have to take a picture of it to share here soon.

Like I said before, it’s liberating to get rid of a lot of this stuff, but at the same time the lack of interest it’s generating can get frustrating. This week, I’m doing gravy boats and liners. Though I priced them fairly, it appears that these pieces aren’t doing too well — so if you want to get a nice set of nice cheap old dinnerware, here’s your opportunity. The All-Wright website contains lots of pictures of American Modern for the uninitiated (my prices are much better than theirs, however).

One Thought on “Housecleaning 2

  1. I forgot to mention that these American Modern pieces are going to be auctioned over the next couple of months, with the same items in different colors being offered each week.

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