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Gruesome Twosome: Sunshine Girls Edition

Vicky Leandros: “Sunshine Boy”
LP: A Taste of … Vicky, 1967

Miss DD Phillips: “The World of Thursday Morning”
LP: Miss DD Phillips, c.1969

Warming temperatures have prompted me to share a couple of nice ‘n perky ’60s female vocals — songs that will have you gaily skipping through the park, multicolored balloons in hand. Greek singer Vicky Leandros might be better known to European audiences, but her gender-switched version of The Parade’s “Sunshine Girl” proved that she was just as comfortable with a more American, AM radio friendly sound. This odd choice of cover material unexpectedly became an excellent showcase for her versatile singing voice. “The World of Thursday Morning” by the mysterious Miss DD Phillips bursts through with sassy verve; I could almost picture Miss DD belting this from a Broadway stage. Thanks to my buddy Ion for both of these sunny cuts.

5 Thoughts on “Gruesome Twosome: Sunshine Girls Edition

  1. Matt, these two songs are true gems. I love how sugar-poppy they are. And I love the “it’s all groovy!” line in the Vicky Leandros number. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

    And I’m serious about doing a music swap, buster!

  2. Ward, that would be excellent. I have enough of this “sugar-poppy” stuff to fill several CDs.

  3. peter on May 27, 2006 at 9:05 am said:

    You should listen more things by Vicky like “Sth’s gotten hold of my heart” or her 1975 Tenessee album ” Across the Water”. A-ma-zi-ng!!!Great voice and great remixes.

  4. AM desperately searching for Miss DD Phillips song Hey LIttle Girl on mp3..can you help me?

  5. Paul, that’s the only Miss DD Phillips song I have, but good luck!

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