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Rosemary, Lilac and Heather

You’ll recall that last week I linked to an old Rock Flowers doll commercial. Now it appears that music blogger Mondo Daddykin has made available most of Rock Flowers’ recorded output for download — their two albums along with one of the three singles originally sold with the rockin’ dolls. Out of sight, man. This and much more alluring and hard to find vintage bubblegum can be found at Mondo Daddykin (thanks to Ion for the tip!!). Update: now it’s the complete Rock Flowers. Groovy.

3 Thoughts on “Rosemary, Lilac and Heather

  1. Totally groovy, Matt! Thanks for sharing this link with the world. I have already downloaded The Rock Flowers and even helped myself to several other things MONDO DADDYKIN had made available for sharing. Take me back…takes me waaaaaaay back!

  2. No prob – those songs were pretty funky sounding, kind of a Honey Cone/Partridge Family hybrid, you know?

    At least now I know a few more things about them: that “Mother You, Smother You” is not a Supremes cover; that the records that came with the dolls were MUCH more bubblegummy than the legit albums; and that the Byrds-like intro music from the commercial is not really The Rock Flowers.

  3. not totally complete yet – there was also a single with a song about wanting a monkey or something which was one of their best songs! plus 3 others on that single! i recall jeff barry wrote them:

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