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Ray Conniff’s Got It Going On

A mid-’70s album of Ray Conniff TV themes for download at XTabays World. Recommended for those with a high tolerance for cheese.

You know what I’d love to download? Those synthesized 70s/80s game show music cues by Edd Kalehoff and Score Productions. I’d especially love to hear some undiluted Price Is Right music without the announcer’s voiceovers. That stuff really kicked ass, it was so funky. Except for a few game show theme compilations, it was never released commercially.

2 Thoughts on “Ray Conniff’s Got It Going On

  1. Matt,

    Here’s the classic, un-voiced-over Price Is Right theme

    Price Is Right theme (mp3)

    These days, Bob Barker looks a lot like a dazed Albert Einstein…with his wild, frizzy white hair. Somehow Bob maintains his high energy (and folksy sense of humor) in the midst of “contestant chaos”

    And here are quite a few more themes…

    more TV themes (mp3s)

    The Game Show Network has recently become my cultural obsession of choice. The old 70s episodes of Match Game are nothing by surrealist art of the highest order, with shag-rugged sets that are totally saturated with color…not to mention the crazy fashions that the panelists wear (lots of big, tinted glasses, scarves and dense, plaid fabrics) – plus it’s very strange to see celebrities smoking on TV…AND it’s also fun to try and figure out who some of the celebrities actually are!

    Chuck Woolery’s 1980s game show Love Connection is also worth watching for the always impressive large, New Romantic hair-dos and super-big shoulder pads.

    By the way…a classic 1980s game show host, Peter Tomarken (Press Your Luck) died just a few weeks ago when his plane crashed in the water near the Santa Monica Pier…he was doing some volunteer work for UCLA Medical Center

  2. I too like the GSN repeats of those old shows, I just wish they had more of them. Especially the obscure ones. Did I dream that they used to show old ’80s Price Is Right episodes?

    R.I.P. Peter Thomarken.

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