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Dress for Tiki-ness

Too cool — Disney is selling reproductions of the original Enchanted Tiki Room shirt and dress worn by Disneyland Cast Members in the sixties! Love that custom fabric pattern (I just wish they had a better view of it). Read the fascinating two part story on how the dress came to be remade (thanks to Mr. Bali Hai for pointing this out).

5 Thoughts on “Dress for Tiki-ness

  1. I’d just like to mention that Humu is a genuinely nice person and deserved this honor completely.

    And Kevin Kidney’s Disney reproductions are mind-blowing, aren’t they? I wish I had several thousand dollars just lying around to blow on monorail and tiki-room models.

  2. Now I know what I’m getting my wife for her birthday. (She’s a huge Tiki Room fan.)

  3. im waiting for them to make to start making these again:

  4. I wish Disneyland would do more retro stuff like this. I think all those 50s-and 60s-era posters for the park’s rides (like Swiss Family Treehouse, Submarine Voyage and Autopia) would look great reproduced on t-shirts, postcards, cups, magnets, etc. I’m sure they would sell, but perhaps they want their image to be more with the times.

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