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Pettin’ in the Park

My Mindjack Film review of the new 6 DVD set The Busby Berkely Collection is up. Cool, cool set. I’ve said it here before, but these DVDs also include period shorts and cartoons which capitalized on the music in these movies. Love how those early Merrie Melodies have a different feel from the later, more familiar Looney Tunes — they open with jazzy music and close with one of the characters shouting “So long, folks!” I especially enjoyed I’ve Got To Sing a Torch Song, with caricatures of such distinctly ’30s personalities as George Bernard Shaw and The Boswell Sisters. And the “So long, folks” line is delivered by Greta Garbo!


One Thought on “Pettin’ in the Park

  1. Christopher on April 4, 2006 at 9:03 am said:

    Personally, I never really got into that whole Busby Berkely thing. I always thought they were just so fey; however these dvd’s really rock because of the extras: those little bits and pieces of ephemeral history that we otherwise never get to see.

    I totally love watching those old cartoons, the newsreels, the film shorts. Man, people back in the ’30s and ’40s had it made at the cinema: a newsreel, a short, a cartoon or two, a “b” film and then the feature — all for 25 cents!

    While I am very happy America’s film history is being preserved and re-issued on dvd; I more proud of the work being done to save these little bits of history that have received too little attention or appreciation.

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