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Gruesome Twosome: Reheated Nostalgia Edition

Lady Flash: “Street Singin'”
LP: Beauties In The Night, 1976

The Rubettes: “Tonight”
LP: Wear It’s At, 1974 | BUY

Old was new in the mid-’70s, and this pair of enjoyably retro efforts put me in a Happy Days frame of mind. Oreo-like trio Lady Flash were formed as backup singers for Barry Manilow’s touring show. Barry himself wrote and produced “Street Singin'”, an unexpectedly funky modest hit (#27 in the summer of ’76) with lyrics and melodies that cleverly echoed various ’60s pop tunes. Interestingly, Lady Flash member Lorraine Mazzola had previously been in Girl Group faves Reparata & The Del-Rons. England’s The Rubettes were another odd duck hybrid (hey, your Glitter Rock got into my Doo-Wop!) which could’ve only emerged from the ’70s. “Sugar Baby Love” was their signature hit, but the follow-up single “Tonight” amps up the retro to charming effect. Both of these songs make me want to don a powder blue polyester prom suit, frilly shirt and platform heels to do the Stroll. Enjoy!

5 Thoughts on “Gruesome Twosome: Reheated Nostalgia Edition

  1. There’s a fun couple of tracks for a Tuesday night! Definitely working the cheesy nostalgia factor back in the ’70s…and fairly well, to boot. Thanks for sharing these, Matt.

  2. The Rubettes’ big hit was called “Sugar Baby Love” not “My Sugar Baby”

  3. First Jeff/John Barry, now this. Thanks, Lee.

    Dan – I though YOU would especially like the Lady Flash!

  4. Nancy on March 20, 2006 at 9:41 am said:

    It’s very Manilow… you can tell that a mile away. Very reminiscent of “New York City Rhythm.” How do I know that? Don’t ask.

    [Why is this filed under “Gruesome??”]

  5. Nancy, I went to check out “New York City Rhythm” at iTunes and found the song vaguely familiar — my parents had that album. Jeez, I remember that ugly album cover with the brass figurine well.

    All of the Gruesome Twosomes are filed in a category called “Gruesome” for easy reference. The name does not reflect the quality of the music presented — I hope not, anyway!

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