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Trio of Thingies

In the absence of anything long and boring today, I submit three little tidbits:

  • No awards season is complete without entering the Web-Goddess Oscar Contest to win a pair of rainbow hued “Brokeback (sock) Monkeys”. Kris rocks!
  • Terry just sent along a reminder that the annual pledge drive for WFMU is going on right now. Stop by, take a listen to some of that Freeform Radio goodness, and if you have some extra cash on hand pass it their way.
  • I’m loving these 1964 New York Worlds Fair postcards assembled by the spiffily redesigned Eye of the Goof. What to do? I’d wanna ride the GM Futurama exhibit and It’s A Small World back when it was new, then sample the delicious waffles at the Belgian pavilion (believe it or not, that’s what most visitors best remembered).

One Thought on “Trio of Thingies

  1. Wow. You brought back some memories about the 1964 World’s Fair. I was in Junior High. My mom and I went on a bus trip from PA.

    The places I remember are the Florida pavilion with genuine Seminole Indians and their wonderful strip-pieced patchwork, seeing the Pieta (can you believe they shipped it to NY?), and of course going through It’s a Small World. It was a Pepsi pavilion and while we were waiting in line, my mother absent-mindedly went up to a vendor there and asked for a Coca Cola. We laughed at that because the place was plastered with Pepsi signs. The animated displays were way too cutesy and THAT SONG… argh.

    The Spanish pavilion rocked.

    I have a charm on my charm bracelet from the World’s Fair. :)

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