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Gruesome Twosome: God Save the Telly Edition

Barry Gray: “Captain Scarlet”
TV theme, 1967 | BUY

John Barry: “The Persuaders”
TV theme, 1971 | BUY

In the spirit of insternational comraderie, I am reaching across the pond today for a duo of marvy vintage British TV themes. The funky charm of Gerry Anderson’s Supermarionation productions couldn’t have had a better complement in Barry Gray’s music. Captain Scarlet and The Mysterions is one of my faves. Although the version here to my knowledge was never actually used in the show itself, it’s a fine piece that calls to mind go-go girls dancing in cages, hips aflutter. Check out more of Gray’s work for Anderson on this page. And what about John Barry’s seductive theme for the Roger Moore/Tony Curtis sleuthing series The Persuaders? Quite sexy and Bond-like. Which begs another question: why can’t today’s TV themes sound this friggin’ fantastic?

2 Thoughts on “Gruesome Twosome: God Save the Telly Edition

  1. It’s cool that you posted these two underappreciated themes. However, you made a mistake. The reason why the Persuaders theme is so Bond-like is because it was composed by JOHN Barry, the composer on many of the Bond films, not Jeff Barry, the Brill Building songwriter.

  2. Thanks. I always get their names confused, dagnabbit. It’s been fixed.

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