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Queen of the House

I just spent a couple of hours today digging through the website of the stylish Brini Maxwell. Brini, in case you don’t know, hosts a fabulous retro themed how-to show currently in its second season on the Style network. She also happens to be a man dressed as a woman — although her “act” is a refreshing contrast to the stereotypically campy, over the top image one usually associates with drag performers. She’s actually very subtle in her efforts to channel Donna Reed circa 1962, and therein lies my fascination with her show. Not only is Brini herself a hoot, I’ve gotten some great tips from the few episodes I’ve seen. Too bad it’s on a network that nobody gets. Guess I’ll have to break down and buy the DVDs instead.

p.s. Those without the Style Network (that is, about 99% of America give or take a %) can get a dose of Brini through her new weekly podcasts. Instructions on how to get them are on her site’s news page. Despite their brevity, I just love her tastes in swanky background music (the theme from Mannix — yeah!).

2 Thoughts on “Queen of the House

  1. She has a book out, too!

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