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Gruesome Twosome: I Want My MPB Edition

Johnny Alf: “Canto Prá Pai Corvo”
LP: Ele E Johnny Alf, 1971 | BUY

Marcos Valle: “Casamento, Filhos E Convenções”
LP: Marcos Valle, 1974 | BUY

We’re going Brazilian today — specifically, Musica Popular Brasileira (or MPB). MPB is a catch-all term for the wide variety of ’70s Brazilian music styles that evolved from the Bossa Nova and Tropicalia movements. As these two songs prove, even veteran performers like Johnny Alf and Marcos Valle weren’t immune from the need to change with the times and incorporate elements of pop music in their work. Alf’s cut is a breezy bit of Bacharachy sunniness, while the legendary singer-songwriter Valle channels an engaging soul/funk vibe on this mid-’70s cut. I just love this stuff. More on Alf and Valle can be found at the invaluable site.

One Thought on “Gruesome Twosome: I Want My MPB Edition

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