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A Joy to Behold

We always need visual inspiration, don’t we? My great pal Joy Olivia Miller has recently started a weblog containing lots of design-y links and commentary. For example, she posted about one of my faves, artist Charles Harper. Speaking of Harper, I just uploaded some 1958 cookbook illustrations of his in a new flickr set called Cool Vintage Illustration. These drawings show a different side of Harper with expressive pen and ink lines and nice use of spot color.

2 Thoughts on “A Joy to Behold

  1. oh my gosh. you found my modest attempt at a blog! and you wrote such complimentary things! you’re too sweet. speaking of your sweetness, i got your latest mix and it’s amazing. i have a stack of three (!!!) waiting here for me to mail them out to you. hopefully i’ll get to the post Saturday. thanks again for the mention. :)

  2. Ooh – I’m looking forward to them, thanks!

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