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Gruesome Twosome: Kids Are All Right Edition

The Brady Bunch: “Everything I Do”
LP: The Brady Bunch Phonographic Album, 1973 | BUY

Rodney Allen Rippy: “Eenie-Meenie-Minee-Moe”
LP: Take Life a Little Easier, 1974

On today’s menu: kiddie music, funky style. The Brady’s recordings consisted of frenzied shoutalongs and/or inappropriate covers of the day’s hits (such as “Baby I’m a Want You”), but “Everything I Do” from their final album proves there’s an exception to everything. Barry Williams and Maureen McCormick sing their parts beautifully, and the bridge’s gorgous harmonies (by some unknown, yet talented, backup singers) are breathtaking. Pint-sized Rodney Allen Rippy became a playground sensation when he sung “Take Life a Little Easier” in a Jack in the Box commercial. Sensing an opportunity to reach fans of childrens’ music and processed meat, Bell Records subsequently cut an entire LP of Rippy’s off-key warbling. The Jackson 5-lite “Eenie-Meenie-Minee-Moe” is noteworthy for the contrast between Rippy’s wobbly singing and the slickness of his backing musicians. Special thanks to Ion for both of these tunes.

4 Thoughts on “Gruesome Twosome: Kids Are All Right Edition

  1. These aren’t half bad, Matt! I haven’t heard a ton of the Bunch’s material outside of their “hits” (wink-nudge), but I almost wanted to hear Barry and Maureen a little less buried in this mix. Still, there’s something appealing about the whole song.

    Rodney Allen Rippy’s track smokes–too bad he’s nothing special. Still, thanks much for sharing these! You’ve got such great taste!

  2. Thanks, Dan. It must be a sign of my own Brady-obsessiveness that I can pick out all six of the kids’ voices on their records – they each have a distinctive sound!

  3. One of my favorite Rodney Allen Rippy moments was a faux letter to the editor in an edition of the National Lampoon that went: “What ever happened to me? This is what happened to me…hand over the wallet, motherfucker…”

  4. Glad I could contribute these songs to the GS. Yes, that final Brady Bunch album is excellent. One of my favorites is “A Simple Man.” Too bad they broke up shortly after Barry started dating that Japanese performance artist. That RAR album was one of my best swap meet finds. Now if only someone would reissue it on CD with bonus tracks and a seperate DVD of all his fast food commercials.

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