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Love (and T-Shirts) For Sale

Somebody I know gave me an ultimatim this week — get my art online for sale or else. In response, the Scrubbles Store has been reopened at CafePress. “It needs to be called the Matt Hinrichs Store,” responded the somebody. Whatever, I’ll address that later. Right now the only artwork per se for sale is a set of cards with my pink hippo illustration, along with a small variety of logo items. The thing is, I don’t like CafePress all that much — the interface is convenient and everything, but they don’t pay much. Does anybody know of alternatives? I just want to sell basic things like t-shirts and cards. Heck, I could probably just buy a bunch of blank cards and do ’em myself.

I’ve also updated my portfolio with a couple of pieces — a Mama Cat illustration and one of my Rurouni Kenshin book cover designs. I looove the dramatic artwork on the Kenshin cover. Things are rather bitersweet right now on the RK front since I’m currently designing the final two volumes (which are due out out this Summer), a huge project that consumed much of 2005. I’m gonna miss that guy!

3 Thoughts on “Love (and T-Shirts) For Sale

  1. The only real alternative I’ve seen is to make items yourself (cards you could definitely do!) and sell them through etsy (there may be something else like etsy, but etsy seems to be worked out very nicely).

    I’ll be watching to see if anyone else has suggestions!!

  2. I’ve been interested in opening a cafepress store. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Florida – years ago, I had a cafe press store, sold very little, made squat. A frustrating experience, but this time I will have more original art available so hopefully it will go better.

    Sarah – Etsy has very interesting possibilities; I never heard of that one. For t-shirts, spreadshirt appears to have potential, since it offers more colors and styles to choose from than cafe press. But they only do t-shirts.

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