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She’s No Bebe Shopp!

Does anyone still think about Miss America? For the first time in years, I actually tuned in to the CMT broadcast of last weekend’s pageant. It was exactly as I remember it — kind of kitschy, kind of boring, completely fascinating in its earnestness and increasing irrelevancy. The winner, Miss Oklahoma, projected a somewhat plastic personality in contrast to the bubbly and sweet Miss Georgia. I demand a recount! Lots of Co’s Max actually attended the ceremony in Las Vegas and posted some fun photos on Flickr. Although being there in person would be a scream, perhaps the best way to experience Miss America would be watching it on the telly in a roomful of snarky gay men.

Here’s a hilarious take from the wayback machine: Peter Bagge at the 2000 pageant, courtesy of

4 Thoughts on “She’s No Bebe Shopp!

  1. It WAS a scream to be there in person, and I’m all for anyone demanding a recount of the final votes to put Miss Georgia over the top. And while I’ve gained a new respect for a lot of these pageant girls over the last year or so (many of them are very smart and are racking up on scholarships to get themselves through college), I admit that the whole competition does seem a bit phony and archaic at times.

    They showed a lot of clips of old pageants at the show, and it made me wish I could watch them all on DVD and appreciate them more fully for their delightful tackiness.

  2. Max — Peter Bagge said the same thing about the contestants. It’s true that you gotta admire all the hard work they go through for the scholarship money. And I second the need to have the old stuff on DVD – especially after seeing the Vanessa Williams one on Trio two years ago (one girl’s talent was doing an aerobic dance to “Flashdance, What a Feeling”!).

    We saw you in the audience on TV! (I think) You were in the shot after Miss Georgia was selected for the top three. It looked like you were talking to the person next to you — at least I think it was you!

  3. That was me–that shot is the only time I made it on screen!

  4. Matt, being a straight man who loves camp like this, just the thought of watching the Miss America pageant in a roomful of snarky gay men makes me laugh out loud. I’m sure that that would be the best way to watch the spectacle!

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