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Horizontal Hold

Sometime yesterday afternoon, my computer went all wonky on me. After I restarted, the iMac’s desktop and Finder were unaccessible and everything was slow. Whenever something like this happens, you go through a panic and then you take stock of what you’d miss if everything on your hard drive had to go. It’s like undergoing the seven stages of grief, only stuck in the bargaining phase: “Okay, Mac, you can have all the iTunes purchases and mp3s as long as I can retrieve all the freelance projects I was too stupid to not back up.” Luckily I was able to successfully reinstall the operating system and all went well.

I’ll be back with a Gruesome Twosome tomorrow. In the meantime, pop over to Christopher’s and answer his query: What is the greatest invention of the 20th century — other than computers and anything related to computing?

2 Thoughts on “Horizontal Hold

  1. Yep…even us wise (some might say smart-ass) Mac people need to back up our digital files. And it also helps to keep an ongoing log of what’s on your drive(s)

    I had a 160 GB hard drive die on me last month…all I know is I had a lot of neat stuff on it…I know I’ll eventually be able to recover some of the items on the dead drive…

    …but in the meantime I’m comforted by the fact that there’s plenty of other stuff I can put on the NEW 160 GB drive I just bought. Oh, yeah…another good thing to invest in is a decent surge protector.

    By the way, if you’re a Mac/Tiger person check out the most cool-est interface freeware ever…UNO. It gives every app a smooth, snowy countenance…almost like a new paint job. I can’t recommend it enough
    (no I don’t work for them)


    UNO 1.2

  2. Thanks for the tip. I used the freeware program Yasu to clean up the cache, repair permissions, etc. Uno does look good — but I like that old “brushed metal” look!

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