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Sequins Aplenty

A YouTube find: vintage performance clips of The Supremes from 1964-77 — the Diana Ross phase, the Jean Terrell phase, and the “three women singing nondescript disco” phase. This took up way too much of my time this morning.

5 Thoughts on “Sequins Aplenty

  1. Hey, Matt! What a great find. I haven’t seen most of those clips of The Supremes in several years now! Still my favorite is when, while singing “You Can’t Hurry Love,” Diana’s earring falls off and she deftly grabs it with her left hand as it drops, never missing a beat! All those clips are great fun! Lots of excitement and energy. Thanks again for sharing…even if you did group the Mary/Scherrie/Cindy and Mary/Scherrie/Susaye clips into “‘three women singing nondescript disco’ phase.”

  2. Dan! Did she really catch her earring? Guess I was too entranced by Diana’s helmet-like hairdo to notice that.

    Mary, Scherrie and Cindy really rocked the choreography on “He’s My Man”, didn’t they?

  3. Yep, you have to watch it carefully–and it’s easier to spot viewing on a TV screen–but she does catch her dropping earring. In the next close up, it’s gone. By the end of the performance, she throws it off to the left side. In the original, full clip, the Girls go straight into what was called the “Symphony Medley” which included several songs from that album. THEN they walked over to Ed Sullivan. I haven’t watched my Supremes videos in several years now. It’s a shame, really. So much fun stuff! Oh–and that was Diana’s “look-at-me” wig. During the aforementioned “Symphony Medley,” she had to flick her bangs out of her one eye several times because the wig was (purposely?) cut so that it draped over it. Oy!

    As for the choreography on
    “He’s My Man,” I said basically the same thing to Dennis after watching the clips from that site. The response from the crowd seemed pretty positive, too. Too bad it didn’t help the single!

  4. any one know if it is even possible to download these videos?

  5. You might want to contact the guy who posted most of them – his web address is on the listings.

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