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Where the Hell Is My Chiffon?

I don’t usually go for them newfangled thingies known as podcasts, but two lately have been sticking with me. One is a weekly podcast from the nasally voiced but affable guy who runs This week he pontificates on, among other things, the timeless appeal of Olivia Newton-John and Britney hubby/professional hanger-on Kevin Federline’s forthcoming attempt at becoming a gangsta hip-hop star (you’ve been warned). Another podcast I’ve been digging is the Project Runway one from Tim Gunn. Anyone who’s ever watched a Runway knows that Tim Knows All, and much of the show’s entertainmnet derives from whenever a would-be fashion designer ignores the dapper professor’s constructive criticism. Mr. Gunn’s intelligent podcasts reveal lots of goodies that didn’t end up on camera.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Appropos of nothing: a Hello Kitty totem pole rendered in granite (via Sarah).

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