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Finger Lickin’ Gone

David from Other Stream has assembled an interesting page on extinct restaurant chains such as Arthur Treacher’s Fish ‘N Chips, Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken and Sambo’s. A former Sambo’s with its original chi-chi ’60s lighting fixtures (but little else, unfortunately) still stands here in downtown Phoenix.

4 Thoughts on “Finger Lickin’ Gone

  1. Hey, Arthur Treachers isn’t extinct!

  2. Ah, but here in Ohio we still have the odd Arthur Treacher. Two, in fact, within a 35-mile radius of where I now sit.

    We also still have a Rax that I know of.

    I remember Sambo’s and the mural on the wall of the tigers chasing each other.

    I really wish that site was not blocked (dang work firewall)!

  3. about five minutes from my house theres a ‘teriyaki house’ restaurant located in a former taco bell (from when they literally had bells on the roof), its ridiculous. it looks like an old mission from the outside but on the inside its total asian decor

  4. Cody, I love those old mission-look Taco Bell buildings. Everytime I see one I point it out to Christopher — “Old-style Taco Bell!” One such building near our house was leveled and rebuilt as a bland-o box. Boo to them.

    I remember a few local Arthur Treachers from the ’70s, but they must have severely scaled back their locations at some point. Nice to see they’re still around, but I wish their online menu was more specific!

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