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Rona, We Hardly Knew Ye

It is here that I note the passing of Rona Jaffe, author of the frothy 1958 novel The Best of Everything. Just before she died, Ms. Jaffe contributed a fascinating audio commentary to the film adaptation’s DVD where she goes into detail about her young life in the ’50s publishing world and in Hollywood (although she never spills the beans on working with Joan Crawford, dagnabbit). Strangely, the NYT obit doesn’t mention her later novel Mazes & Monsters. The cautionary M&M concerned a group of college students caught up in a Dungeons & Dragons-like game, a popular success which later became a thoroughly cheezy TV movie starring young Tom Hanks. My mom had a copy of that book! That probably explains why she disapproved whenever I showed an interest in playing D&D games. Anyhow, Ms. Jaffe will be missed.

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