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What the Heck Does ‘Aud Lang Syne’ Mean, Anyhow?

newyr.jpgI have a dim memory of a childhood kindergarten class just before winter break, in which a classmate planned to ring in the new year by saying “[sad face] Goodbye, 1975. [cheery face] Hello, 1976!”

Personally, I wound down the old year by doing the only halfway competent thing I can: making a commemorative mix CD. Tonight, we are doing our usual staying inside with junk food plus an old movie — and perhaps if I’m still awake at midnight, I’ll say “Goodbye, 2005. Hello, 2006!” With appropriate facial expressions, of course.

3 Thoughts on “What the Heck Does ‘Aud Lang Syne’ Mean, Anyhow?

  1. joyolivia on January 4, 2006 at 1:17 pm said:

    Yea! What a wonderful set of posts to come back to find after being away on vacation. Sounds like you’ve created yet another great mix. Of course, I should expect nothing less from you, the master of mixmaking. Love your New Year’s baby illio, too. Here’s to the new year and another fab year of

  2. Thanks, Joy. I’ll be getting a mix out to you soon!

  3. Looks Great!!! I still owe you a mix or two. Later!

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