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B-Movie Bonanza

You know I love it when Turner Classic Movies devotes its daytime programming to some obscure actor or director. This Friday, December 23, they’ll be playing ten films from Warner Brothers journeyman director Ray Enright (with one non-Enright film, Side Show, snuck in). Since he never directed anything that was even close to being “classic”, Enright is kind of an odd subject for a daylong movie fest. Still, the Warner pre-Codes have a certain jazzy verve, and even when they’re awful the short running times ensure minimal pain. Here’s what they’ll have (all times EST):

6:00 AM — Dancing Sweeties (1930) A hot-shot dancer marries in haste and repents in waltz time. How can anyone resist something called Dancing Sweeties? Besides, it’s only 63 minutes long.
7:15 AM — Golden Dawn (1930) An adventurer falls for a woman destined to be the virgin priestess for an African tribe. A notorious flop in its day; this non-p.c. early musical might be worth a watch out of morbid curiosity’s sake.
8:45 AM — Scarlet Pages (1930) A female attorney makes a startling discovery about the woman she’s defending from murder charges. Courtroom drama with no-name cast. I’ll skip.
10:00 AM — Side Show (1931) A carnival dancer fills in for the show’s high diver. Starring the brassy and forgotten Winnie Lightner as a circus performer. I am so there.
11:15 AM — Play Girl (1932) A young innocent falls for a compulsive gambler. Lightner again, with a young Loretta Young. I’ll catch this when it repeats next month.
12:30 PM — The Silk Express (1933) A young silk importer fights off threats to his cargo during a perilous train ride. Warners got a lot of mileage out of that “workingmen under siege” motif. The busy Guy Kibbee lends support.
1:45 PM — Miss Pacific Fleet (1935) Two stranded showgirls enter a beauty contest to win the fare back home. The only film that I’ve already seen, a breezy comedy starring Glenda Farrell and Joan Blondell. Don’t remember anything about it, but Glenda and Joan are always fun.
3:00 PM — The Traveling Saleslady (1935) A toothpaste tycoon’s daughter joins his rival to teach him a lesson. More Glenda and Joan.
4:15 PM — We’re In The Money (1935) Gold-digging process servers set their sights on a breach of promise defendant. Still more Glenda and Joan.
5:30 PM — While The Patient Slept (1935) A nurse investigates murder at a mysterious mansion. This one got some good reviews at the IMDB, plus it stars Warners’ stalwart comedienne Aline MacMahon.
6:45 PM — Man Alive (1946) A man thought dead returns as a ghost to scare off his wife’s suitors. A later effort starring the improbable trio of Pat O’Brien, Adolph Menjou and Rudy Vallee. I’ll pass.

Don’t forget Christmas Eve as well — Christmas In Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck and Joyce Compton is on at 10 PM EST!

2 Thoughts on “B-Movie Bonanza

  1. Don’t you love the odd short movies? We’ll dvr practically anything that’s under 70 minutes! Dancing Sweeties is waiting for me right now…

    And Merry Christmas to you two!

  2. Thanks! I’ve already seen a couple of these. Dancing Sweeties was real cute and full of 1930s slang. While The Patient Slept ended up being terribly boring (I wonder if it was supposed to kick off a ‘Thin Man’-style series), but I enjoyed the chemistry between Aline MacMahon and Guy Kibbee.

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