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Swankola Superhome

Recently we rewatched The Incredibles and marveled at the retro-style details used in the settings — especially the Incredible family homestead. The exterior design is inspired by Bob Alexander’s tract homes in Palm Springs. Interiors seemed to come straight off the pages of House and Garden magazine, circa 1960, with textures so lovingly rendered that you feel like you can reach out and touch them. Right then and there, we decided we had to have the charming “school of fish” wall hanging in their living room. If it existed outside a computer mainframe, that is.

4 Thoughts on “Swankola Superhome

  1. Shannon on December 16, 2005 at 5:05 pm said:

    So, Matt, this entry felt a bit unfinished to me–I’m left hanging! Are you going to look for the fish or make them yourself? You see, I admired those fish as well. So if you end up finding them or making them somehow, please let me know where or how you do it, please!

  2. I have a similar fish-related affection for the fish fountain in “Mon Oncle”–still trying to find out how I can get one for my backyard: (scroll down)


  3. Jeff, I’d love to have the Mon Oncle fish fountain as well. Totally great.

    Shannon! Not being very handy with wood-carving, I don’t think I can replicate the fish wall hanging. But it really is a cool piece — and if by chance it’s based on a real vintage wall hanging (doubt it), I would snap it up like that.

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