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Two Things

Two things tonight. I finally finished the little site dedicated to our California Sun ‘n Sand Vacation from October 2005. Follow us as we journey to Huntington Beach, Anaheim and points West!

Also, a TV tip. For those with access to the BBC America network, check out Creature Comforts. This series was created by Aardman Studios as a continuation of Nick Park’s Oscar-winning Creature Comforts short, in which he dubbed the sounds of ordinary Brits talking about their lives over hilarious animation of clay animals in a zoo. These new vignettes are slicker and slightly less funny, but I love the way the animators include little touches in the background such as showing the animals pooping (yeah, I’m a four year old at heart). Like everything else on its schedule, BBC America plays it at odd hours — but the new ones come on Friday nights. The first episode includes the original Creature Comforts tacked on at the end.

5 Thoughts on “Two Things

  1. Hope you had a great trip to our neck of the woods. I live just down the road from Bolsa Chica beach, in Long Beach. Did you check out any of the cool nightlife in the LBC?

  2. I have my DVR set to record all the Creature Comfort episodes. I remember seeing the original in the theaters almost 10 years ago.

  3. Thanks Libby! While we didn’t go into Long Beach proper, we did meet up with our friend Dan who also lives there. We all had brunch and walked along the pier. The only nightlife we sampled was trying to get into one of the busy HB restaurants on a Saturday night. The wait was too long, so instead we went to the Taco Bell on the PCH. We’re just not nightlife people!

  4. Mass Bradley on December 13, 2005 at 5:46 pm said:

    Dearest God In Heaven, Matt– I thought I was The Only Person EVER to visit the Desert Patton Museum.
    The parking lot was as much of a hoot as the interior– hulks of old wrecked tanks and sand sand sand as far as the eye could see…

    And then inside, to see his uniforms and realize how TINY the man was, and how he really screwed up when younger, but in the end his authority over the New Army with a mechanized tank brigade that actually wrote the book on such armored warfare in the Second World War and CHANGED THE COURSE OF HISTORY was pretty darn cool.

    One last thought: You know how they say old married couples look alike after several years? Well, bust my buttons, I do assert that Christopher and Matt share several characteristics that look like they are Blending into “MaChrittopher”.
    Don’t despair! Love , time and tide is a good thing!

  5. We parked next to the Patton Museum to replenish supplies. Yeah, it was weird finding this fenced off lot full of tanks in the middle of the desert.

    I wish we could have taken pics of the two dinosaurs out there, but it’s not the same now that they’re surrounded by outlet malls and other suburban flotsam. Guess I’ll have to rent Pee Wee’s Big Adventure too see them in their glory.

    You are so right with me and Christopher. We can’t out out dressed similarly or else people think we’re twins. Ugh.

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