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Notes and Comments

Weblog maintenance note: I installed a plugin called EmailWhitelister which catalogs regular commenters so their fine observations will instantly show up, instead of having to wait for my approval. I tested it on Safari and it seemed fine. On Mozilla, it goes through a weird behavior that makes it look like the comment disappeared while the page is hanging. The comment is saved, however — you need to hit “Post” only once, then reload the page in your browser and it shows up. I haven’t tested it yet on IE or Firefox for Windows.

9 Thoughts on “Notes and Comments

  1. ooh, I can’t wait to be a “regular”!!

  2. Mass Bradley on December 10, 2005 at 10:28 am said:

    Thanks, Matt!

  3. Sarah – you were already in the system as a regular, but since you didn’t fill in your email on that last comment the plug-in didn’t recognize you. That’s the way it works!

  4. well, feh….now I just have to try and remember *which* email, right?

  5. hmmm, not that one. maybe this one.

  6. alright! FYI – Firefox in XP works exactly as you described Mozilla working. Although, I didn’t know which email (i.e. real or throwaway account) I used before so I had to get that right for it to work.

  7. PS – this may not be happening to everyone, but I was trying out bloglines using the rdf feed and according to them, you haven’t updated since Octover 9th, and the “new posts” I got went back to August. (The atom feed gave me the real current posts). Crazy, huh?

  8. whoops, sorry about that. my connection’s fault, not your plugin.

  9. Glad you got it straightened out, Sarah!

    The RSS/RDF thing bugs me, too, but I don’t know how to fix it. At least the Atom feed works.

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