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Sketches: Tourists at Disneyland

Last October when we took a vacation in the L.A. area, I brought along the digital camera. It went unused much of the time, but the few pictures that were taken will appear online sometime soon. “Take a trip, make the website several months later” has, after all, become something of a tradition here in chez scrubbles and I don’t intend to break it.

Anyway, we took a couple of days to visit Disneyland and California Adventure in Anaheim, and during the entire time I must have taken a total of six photos — half of them blurry shots of the Tiki Room interior. Whenever we’re busy doing something, taking a photo is an afterthought. Especially somewhere as hot and crowded as that place. Instead, I thought I’d share some sketches I made last night of the tourists at Disneyland/DCA. Going from left to right, the first figures are a couple of kids that were playing on the railings in the waiting area of the River Belle Terrace restaurant. The kids’ moms basically ignored them and looked flustered trying to figure out what to order. The second figure is a sloppy woman who left her empty drink cup on the fireplace mantel in the Disney Gallery (guess she couldn’t wait to use the 1,000 trash receptacles throughout the park). The third is a guy with a huge backpack who preceded us in line at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Don’t know why, but seemingly everybody there was carrying half of their possessions in huge bags and backpacks. Next is the Minnie Mouse character played by an extremely tiny woman. I spied her at the Plaza Inn, and she couldn’t have been more than five feet tall. The kids seemed to love her. Last is a little girl in a princess outfit, a common sight. No little boys dressed in prince costumes, however. The only tourist I missed was someone with a huge baby stroller (I can’t draw strollers), but this drawing completes my memories of those two days.

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