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Maybe She Knows

Cha Cha Charming interviews songwriting legend Ellie Greenwich In addition to being the queen of classic and obscure Girl Group singles (“Be My Baby” etc), she sang backup on Blondie’s “Dreaming”. Didn’t know that.

Also: the San Francisco Chronicicle says goodbye to CDs and lists some alluring alternatives to the old plastic shinies. Personally, I’m just discovering the magic of checking CDs out of the library and copying them onto my hard drive. Today I checked out Loretta Lynn’s Definitive Collection and The Roches’ self-titled album from 1979.

5 Thoughts on “Maybe She Knows

  1. I, too, have begun borrowing CDs from the library and ripping them to my hard drive. I’m bypassing artist CDs and heading straight for the compilations: Motown, jazz, showtunes, and those Billboard-by-year sets. Somehow, deep inside me, it’s easier to rationalize this slow physical file-sharing than it is to just fire up Acquisition and grab the songs. Plus, I get to read the CD booklets this way!

  2. That first Roches album is pretty great, isn’t it?

  3. I haven’t heard it yet, but if you endorse it that’s good enough for me.

    JD – I too like being able to have access to the CD booklets. Something you definitely miss with downloading. I’m all anal about recording dates, songwriter credits, etc.

    If the library’s copy of a CD comes in a banged-up jewel case, I replace them with a clean one! Just a little bit of good samaritanism.

  4. That Roches album is great. Saw (two of) them in concert a few months back — their voices have really held up.

  5. Mass Bradley on December 2, 2005 at 3:08 pm said:

    Fave Roche Song?
    “Everyone Is Good” from “Speak”.
    Makes me tear up just writing about it…

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