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Shoulder-Padded TV

Could I be the only one psyched about the Knots Landing Reunion coming up this Friday on CBS? This coincides nicely with news of the soaper’s first season DVD set, planned for an unconfirmed release in January (TV Shows On DVD has the artwork). I could just imagine someone watching it all in one sitting, jogging suit on, all the while eating Dove Bar ice cream straight out of the container.

I never watched Knots in the ’80s, but now the Soapnet weekend repeats have me hooked. Currently they’re midway through the 1984-85 season, the only one with Alec Baldwin as hunky preacher boy Joshua Rush. This season’s storylines actually aren’t as compelling as the previous years’. Things are getting too weird. The most notable change that year might be the behind the scenes addition of costume designer Travilla — suddenly the character’s wardrobes went from low key casual to blown-out “Eighties Contempo”, with matchy-matchy ensembles, chunky jewelry and shoulder pads everywhere. Odd.

3 Thoughts on “Shoulder-Padded TV

  1. I, too, am excited about the DVD release of “Knots Landing.” I’m not quite sure why I am, but… I am. I started watching it consistently around 1987-88 and stuck around until the last show. I watched it on SoapNet for a long while when they had it on from 5PM-6PM, but they moved it to 4PM at some point earlier this year and I couldn’t watch it anymore (work). It’s like “Mission: Impossible” for me. I love it and am psyched for the upcoming DVD release, but I worry about whether I would actually watch the shows if I owned the DVDs? I guess when it’s a good show (like KL or M:I), you just do watch.

  2. Yeah, but you have TiVo, don’t you Dan?

    FYI, the daily SoapNet repeats are going to revert back to the first season later in December.

  3. I think Knot’s Landing was the best nighttime soap of all-time. The fans can have their Desperate Housewives and their Melrose Place. I’ll take Knot’s.

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