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Gruesome Twosome: Limeys Only Edition

Split Enz: “Six Months In A Leaky Boat”
LP: Time and Tide, 1982 | BUY

Reparata & The Delrons: “Captain Of Your Ship”
Mala Records single, 1968 | BUY

Two psychedelic odes to sea travel and the vagaries of love. The Split Enz track captures them in their usual overlooked brilliance, while Reparata & the Delrons’ (huge in the UK, obscure in the US) single proves that Waylon Smithers was wrong — women and seamen do mix. These files will be available for four weeks. After that, it’s “sayonara”.

2 Thoughts on “Gruesome Twosome: Limeys Only Edition

  1. Nice aquatic pairing, Matt! I’ve always loved that Split Enz song and that Reparata & the Delrons song is excellent. Reparata also did a similar underwater-sounding version of “Octopus’s Garden.” It’s nice that the good people at Ace have compiled all of their long out of print singles for the world to enjoy.

  2. Thanks, Ion! To answer the question you had at AotM, I don’t own that new Reparata collection (I can always make an Xmas wish!).

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