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Videogame Ads of 1982 at Flickr

Out of pure nostalgia, I bought a pile of old Games magazines on eBay. I went through the mags, scanned the videogame ads, and posted them on Flickr for your enjoyment. I almost forgot how many weird, obsolete systems there were. Anyhow, enjoy.

6 Thoughts on “Videogame Ads of 1982 at Flickr

  1. i know i left a comment on your flickr set, but i thought i’d say once again how cool this whole set was! :)

  2. Thanks, William!

  3. Yes, very cool stuff, Matt. I was a video game junkie — old school style, of course. I had a couple of the old Electronic Games magazines back in the day. I may have to scan some pages and send them to you. You’ll get a big kick outta them, for sure.

  4. haha… these ads brought back some memories dude… Great idea too!

  5. Yeah! I used to get those early Electronic Games magazines at the grocery store. I don’t have them anymore, unfortunately, but I did manage to save an issue of Joystik magazine from 1983, remember that one?

  6. I’m not sure if I remember Joystik — it sounds naughty.

    You should scan some of it and put it on your Flickr set!

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