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The Great Depression

Print magazine’s regional design annual is out this month — without my Subversive Cross Stitch buttons. I thought they might have a decent chance of getting in there, but no. I’ve always had a problem with these annuals, anyhow. It claims to be an even-handed survey of U.S. design as divided by geographical region, yet Phoenix (6th largest city in America) always gets lumped in with the entire states of Arizona, Utah and New Mexico in the “Rest of the Southwest” section. This year’s selections from that area wound up being a total of two pages in a phone book sized magazine! We can’t be that terrible, can we?

Print magazine sucks.

5 Thoughts on “The Great Depression

  1. Mass Bradley on November 11, 2005 at 10:52 pm said:

    I’m sorry those midgets rejected you.
    They DO suck; if you re-arrange the letters in “Print Magazine”, you get “Mean ring; zap it” or, “A tin prig maze”
    (if you just happen to misplace a pesky extra letter “n”).
    BUT, if you work the same magic on “Matt at Scrubbles”–Voila!; “Beat’m, crust blast!”
    Which is, ummm, far superior. Yes.
    I really must cut down on the Percoset.

  2. The buttons are great!

    I’m a picture framer and stretch and frame many a cross-stitch. It was refreshing to see these subversive x-stitches. ;)

  3. Donna B. on November 14, 2005 at 1:26 pm said:

    I totally agree, PRINT magazine does suck. I haven’t subscribed for the last year or more because they seem so “clique-ish” and “holier-than-thou” to me. Keep in mind they’re just one group of people with their own VERY SUBJECTIVE take on design. Worth a look once in awhile, but certainly not the final word on anything. Maybe you should think about starting your own regional design competition but showcase the designs online rather than in print. Get some judges you respect, a few local (or not) corporate sponsors, and you might be able to get people to notice the great work that’s coming out of Phoenix. Not to mention the potential for new clients for you and your fellow local designers. (You know, do this in your free time. hee hee)

    Love the new scrubbles! Thank goodness you’re back!

    I know I owe you an email….so busy I’m pulling my hair out. :-)

  4. Those ratfinks! You’re still my illustrious illustration hero. What do they know, anyway?

    I’m actually at a car wash right now waiting for my car… a major Texas pasttime. At least they have free internet access. Yeay!

    I keep meaning to send you a link to Heather Champ’s photos of Bisbee — I remember that you went there… anyhoo, they’re on Flickr. Heather works for them now – she writes in the Flickr blog if you can’t find her pix. I can’t remember her user name off-hand.

    Oh, and your site looks FABulous!! Great redesign! Even on this dinky car wash screen. Can’t wait to check it out at home.

    Sorry for the long message, I’m killing time. Thanks for the delightful distraction, as usual! xo,jj

  5. You’re so right Julie. A design is successful when the client (you) loves it. I was happy with it, you were happy with it, so we both win!

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