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Ahoy There Mateys

Al Lutz of reports on Disneyland’s upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean rehab to better theme it to the movie versions. The changes, set to coincide with next summer’s sequel, involve adding – yipes – animatronic Johnny Depp figures. Let’s just say I’m happy that I got to ride the “classic” version last month. Arrgh.

3 Thoughts on “Ahoy There Mateys

  1. Mass Bradley on November 9, 2005 at 9:44 pm said:

    One of my fave little “extras’ that give that amazing ride such versimillitude are the fireflies that swarm in the swamp just as you enter the ride and float past the little bayou houses. Always wanted them.
    Ta-Da! Now you can!
    These I want for Christmas!

  2. Was that a ‘The Fog’ reference???

  3. Is Keith Richards still playing Johnny’s pirate dad in the next film, or is he out of the picture for good?

    An animatronic and staggering Keith Richards in the Magic Kingdom would be the absolute greatest thing ever….


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