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They Can’t Do That on Television

I have something to look forward to, sort of. Reunion returns on Fox after a month’s absence tonight. This is a really stupid show. A really stupid show that I can’t stop watching.

For such a stupid show, however, it has an intruiging premise. Six people, friends since high school, are reunited after a murder happens. One of them is the victim and another is the murderer. Each episode flashes back to a year in their lives, beginning in 1986, until we get to the present day and find out whodunnit. The victim’s identity will apparently be revealed soon (I’m hedging my bets on the Tom Cruise lookalike), but until then we have to endure a lot of whiny, stereotypical people doing inexpicable things. Part of the fun in this show is how wrong they get the period settings, with the pilot episode being a particularly awful riot of indifferently chosen ’80s clothing, music and expressions. The pretty cast does its best, despite being saddled with lines like “It’s 1987 and we’re in New York City.” Who says garbage like that? And how did characters so different stay friends for so long? Despite all this, I’m totally interested in how this will play out. Plus Will Estes is quite a hunk. So sue me.

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