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The Phantom Creeps

Happy Halloween. You know what today means — scary movies! Mindjack just did a Vital Horror feature for anyone who needs ideas. As for us, we’re going to do our usual hiding out in the back room, porch light off, avoiding the trick or treaters. Sorry, but I hate kids and giving out candy. The candy is ours, brats! Lately we’ve been spending this avoidance time watching a horror DVD the computer. This year it’ll be Eyes Without A Face.

4 Thoughts on “The Phantom Creeps

  1. Matt–say it ain’t so!
    I can’t imagine you eschewing such a juicy little American ritual as giving out fat and sugar laden ‘fun-sized’ morsels to hyper-active middle-schoolers and their surly, roly-poly mothers.
    In my neighborhood they truck ’em in with schoolbuses– we got 200+ last year, and will probably get a third more this year.
    One night a year we bite the bullet and pass out the goodies and ooh and ahh over the six and seven-year-olds who really enjoy it for what the holiday has become– a chance to get candy just for playing dress-up.
    What a great equation!

  2. Yes, I know how hard it is to share your hard-earned chocolate with a bunch of undeserving little munchkins, but Halloween only comes once a year, so you just gotta bite the bullet and dispense with the goods. My wife and I donned our SNL cheerleader costumes and we both had a pretty good time handing out the goods. Too bad some idiot made off with our cool cat-o-lantern. At least we took a photo of it before it disappeared.

  3. Ooh! I saw Eyes Without a Face recently and loved it. I bet you will too.

  4. I did like it. Suspensful and creepy but not too hardcore or cheezy.

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